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Pacific COP Announces Talanoa Dialogue, Sets into Motion Paris Agreement

Countries must come to COP24 in 2018 with a signal to step up and enhance their climate targets by 2020 17 November 2017, Bonn: As countries wrapped up discussions at the climate talks here in Bonn, one fact remains undisputed: climate change is happening, and climate action cannot wait. In a year marked by devastating losses [...]

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Joint COP/CMP/CMA Closing Statement

2018 is a critical year in our ongoing battle to combat climate change. With the close of COP 23, we have the stage set before us. Substantial work lies ahead, and failure is not an option especially for the millions of people who are in the frontlines of climate impacts. We call on Parties to [...]

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Climate Change Drowns Festive Celebrations

By Rushati Das The rains in India usually end in August. However, in 2017 they continued and lasted till early October. The change in monsoons has dampened the festive mood and shaken the cultural aspects, costs of celebrations and adoption of unsustainable practices. In India, festival season starts from October after the monsoon has retreated. [...]

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National Steering Committee of India

The Indian National Steering Committee was elected on October 30, 2017 at a meeting held at the Development Alternatives office in New Delhi. The names of the NSC are as follows: Dr. Jyoti Parikh, IRADE Ms. Ajita Tiwari, INECC Ms. Gitika Goswami, DA Ms. Alka Tomar, CEC Mr. Ramesh Babu, EFICOR Dr. Bhanu, PGVS Ms. [...]

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Paying for Loss and Damage and Climate Justice

Climate Action Network Pacific Islands, Climate Action Network South Asia and Climate Justice Programme will explore loss and damage impacts in the Pacific and South Asia and discuss social, cultural and economic loss and damage alongside the politics of loss and damage by launching our new proposal for a Climate Damages Tax at the [...]

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Rich Countries Must Provide Funds for Climate Change Victims

By Harjeet Singh, Sven Harmeling and Julie-Anne Richards Harvey, Irma, Ophelia. This year’s devastating and record-breaking hurricane season reminds us that storms turbo-charged by human-caused climate change are not a distant future threat, but a reality faced by people around the world. It is the poor and the most vulnerable people and countries that are [...]

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Workshop Report on Eco-Village Development (EVD) Concept: Low Carbon Approach to Climate Solution and Rural Development

Center for Rural Technology, Nepal (CRT/N) has been piloting implementation of Eco Village Development (EVD) concept to develop eco-villages in three villages of Kavrepalanchwok district namely Sikrigyang-9 village, Chalal VDC, Ladkhu-Chanaute village, Dhungkharkha VDC and Chyamragbesi-2 village, Chamrangbesi VDCwithin the regional project ”Evidence Based Advocacy for Low-Carbon, Pro-Poor Sustainable Eco- Village Development (EVD) in South [...]

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Eco Village Development as Climate Solution Proposals from South Asia

This publication highlights local solutions that improve livelihoods in villages and resilience to climate change, while also reducing environmental degradation and greenhouse gas emissions. It was produced by INFORSE, the International Network for Sustainable Energy, in cooperation with Climate Action Network South Asia (CANSA), Integrated Sustainable Energy and Ecological Development Association (INSEDA from India), INFORSE-South [...]

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EVD Policy Brief

More than half of the South Asian population of 1.7 billion people live in rural areas and many of the poverty problems of the region are in the villages. Sustainable development in the villages has the potential to enhance the living conditions and to reduce rural distress and poverty-induced migration to cities. To develop villages [...]

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Experience Sharing Workshop on Eco Village Development

Eco Village Development (EVD) is a CISU funded evidence based advocacy project in South Asia implemented simultaneously by partners in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. To further national advocacy for EVD approaches and technologies, Climate Action Network South Asia co-organised an experience sharing workshop with COAST Bangladesh in Dhaka. Civil society organisations were invited [...]

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