Climate Action Network South Asia (CANSA) is a coalition of 149 civil society organisations from 8 South Asian countries promoting equity and sustainable development in the design and development of an effective global strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure its implementation.


Laxmi is a 4-decade old organisation that began its work with urban poor communities in Lucknow and later expanded its work to the rural communities in other districts of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. The key objectives of the organisation are overall community development, better health, livelihood for urban and rural poor, safe environment, [...]

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Terre des homes Foundation

Terre des hommes (Tdh) is the leading Swiss organisation for child relief. Founded in 1960, Tdh helps to build a better future for disadvantaged children and their communities with an innovative approach and practical, sustainable solutions. Active 38 countries, Tdh develops and implements field projects to allow a better daily life for over [...]

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Carbon Initiative Forum

Carbon Initiative Forum (CIF) is a non-profit organisation working towards environmental awareness while encouraging individuals/organisations to take charge of their impact on the world around them. We collate information on the various aspects under the umbrella of climate change – its causes, short and long term effects, and how we can adapt and [...]

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De-risking International Investments in Indian Solar Energy Sector A Multi-stakeholder Workshop titled ”De-risking International Investments in Indian Solar Energy Sector” was organised in Intersolar, Bengaluru on 13th December, 2018 by TERI, Germanwatch, CANSA and Vasudha Foundation. The event was attended by solar industry representatives, Civil Society organisations and Ex-Chairman, Karnataka State Electricity Regulatory Commission. Highlights [...]

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Nagenairu Foundation

Sri Lankan Nagenahiru Foundation is a community based non-profit organization, operating since 1991. The mission of the Foundation is to facilitate, assist and promote the improvement of the innate capacities and strength of the local population for the emerging of a cleaner and greener environment through conducting strong awareness, educational programmes couple up [...]

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Community Initiatives for Development in Pakistan

Community Initiatives for Development in Pakistan (CIDP) is a Non-Governmental, non-profitable organization working for the betterment of the society, with the social development objectives it always struggling for establishing better working relations with the corporate and donor community. Our focused areas are the livelihood, Agriculture, livestock, poultry management, Climate change, women empowerment, DRM, capacity [...]

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Swayam Shikshan Prayog

SSP is recognized as global pioneer in building women’s leadership in building resilience in disaster and climate threatened communities. The Community Resilience Fund in partnership with the Huairou Commission and Groots International later leveraged funds from the World Bank. The Fund acts as a draw down mechanism that facilitates women’s groups to directly [...]

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HaritaDhara Research Development and Education Foundation (HRDEF)

HRDEF is committed to establish processes aimed at educating for sustainable development, management of the environment, water, energy, waste, climate change, and transport issues through involving children, youth, and elders using ICT. Focus Areas: Climate Science / IPCC Adaptation Disaster risk reduction Energy issues Agriculture Capacity Building Contact: Bhaskar Anant Garg Contact [...]

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SLYCAN Trust: Research Paper on NDC on Renewable Energy in Sri Lanka

Energy sector plays a key role in a country’s development. In a region like South Asia where development is key, the resources for energy is vital to be utilized in a sustainable manner, while the countries play a role in cooperation for technology and resource sharing. Many initiatives have been taken at the regional level [...]

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IPCC: Summary for Policymakers Special Report 1.5

This report responds to the invitation for IPCC ‘... to provide a Special Report in 2018 on the impacts of global warming of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and related global greenhouse gas emission pathways’ contained in the Decision of the 21st Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to adopt [...]

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