Mobilising Stakeholders and Framing Climate Agenda Towards Climate Resilient and Carbon Neutral Afghanistan

Climate change is being recognised as a priority in Afghanistan though economic progress, good governance and security concerns supersede meaningful climate action. It results in the missed opportunities to integrate climate change into ongoing government schemes/programmes to improve ecosystems and livelihood of vulnerable people. As a Least Developed Country and ranking high in Global Climate [...]

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Celebration of Earth Day: End Plastic Pollution

On the 22nd of April 2018, International Earth Day was celebrated by civil society organisations (SGP Grantees), Climate Action Network of South Asia (CANSA) and Environment & Natural Resources Monitoring Network (ENRMN)1 in collaboration with the National Environment Protection Agency (NEPA) and Kabul Municipality (KM) at Kol-e-Hashmat Khan2 in Kabul. CANSA Afghanistan and ENRMN consist of [...]

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Adapting Climate Impacted Agriculture in South Asia

There is a limited understanding of the nature of impacts of climate change on various sectors that affect the livelihoods of the people of South Asia and how communities should adapt. Agriculture being the main stay of South Asian economy and livelihood of the people, there is an imminent threat to the food security of [...]

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