Indo-German Civil Society Dialogue on Sustainable Lifestyles

/Indo-German Civil Society Dialogue on Sustainable Lifestyles
Indo-German Civil Society Dialogue on Sustainable Lifestyles 2018-04-05T03:14:43+00:00

Project Co-Ordinator – Rushati Das

The project on ‘Indo-German Civil Society Dialogue on Sustainable Lifestyles’ focuses on the fact that technical solutions are not sufficient for a decarbonised economy and society in the long run and thus lifestyles need to be tuned to sustainable living – in particular regarding the five big challenges of transportation, electricity, space heating and cooling, consumption and food.

The project works toward improving the implementation chances of prioritised issues for sustainable lifestyles and sustainable living in locally adjusted forms and to formulate recommendations for political decision makers on frameworks for modern sustainable lifestyles of the global middle class in bilateral exchange with civil society representatives from Germany and India for sustainable living and conclude on ways to foster these by political frameworks. The methodology includes converging the understanding of civil societies through dialogues and discuss and publish the debates of different forms of sustainable lifestyles. The dialogues would seek to enrich the civil society discussions and inform decision makers in both countries with political recommendations, also in regard to the UNFCCC process and the implementation of SDG12.