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Tadbeer Consulting

Tadbeer is a consulting firm involved in research, impacts evaluation, socioeconomic surveys and most importantly capacity building of government and organisations. The organisation's work in Afghanistan has revolved in the implementation of numerous [...]

Labour Spring Organization

Labour Spring Organization (LSO) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profitable welfare organisation, registered with Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan in 2010 under the registry number (1678). LSO is mandated as per its organisational constitution [...]

Community Action for Healing Poverty Organization

Community Action for Healing Poverty Organization (CAHPO) has been established as CSO primarily on regional basis by group of expertise, advisers and volunteers from different key organisations in 2008 and then uprated to [...]

Agency of Consultancy for Training (ACT)

ACT is a Non-Governmental, Non- for profit and Non- Political Organisation working for reconstruction and sustainable development of Afghanistan and for the welfare of war affected and vulnerable societies as well as returnees [...]

Green Way Society – Kabul

The Green Way Society aims to raise environmental awareness and education for the public. Our vision is to bring each individual on a “green way”, where they integrate environment in their routine activities [...]

NGO Forum for Public Health

Being launched as the UN-brainchild in 1982, NGO Forum for Public Health has been involved as the apex networking and service delivery body of NGOs, CBOs and private sector operators in the WatSan [...]

Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA)

Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA) was established in 1992 with a group of lawyers with the broad objective of promoting environmental justice and contributing to the development of sound environmental jurisprudence. The organisation [...]

Islamic Relief, Bangladesh

Islamic Relief, Bangladesh is an International Development Organization established in 1984 . It works in nation building regardless of race, religion, ethnicity and gender. Islamic Relief seeks to promote sustainable economic and social [...]

Action Aid Bangladesh

ActionAid works with poor people in over 40 countries across the world with a goal to end poverty. The organisation believes that with right opportunities, poor people find their own solutions – and [...]

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Royal Society For The Protection Of Nature

About the Organisation: Royal Society For The Protection Of Nature (RSPN) was founded as a citizen based non-profit, non-governmental environment organization in 1987 to support environment conservation in Bhutan. The Society was registered [...]

Centre for Environment Education (CEE)

Centre for Environment Education (CEE) was established in August 1984 as a Centre of Excellence supported by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. CEE, a national institution with a mandate [...]

Oxfam India

In 1951, Oxfam Great Britain launched its first full scale humanitarian response to the Bihar famine. In the past six decades Oxfam has supported civil society organisations across the country. Oxfam engages with [...]

Alternative Futures

Alternative Futures is a development research and communication group working on creative and meaningful policy, social and technological alternatives and innovations for development and social change. It especially focuses on innovative efforts for [...]

Dan Church Aid

Dan Church Aid has been working in India since 1980. Its work focuses on responding to humanitarian emergencies, supporting the marginalized communities in their right to food and ensuring safe migration. Focus Areas: [...]

ActionAid India

ActionAid is an international anti-poverty agency operating in over 40 countries, working with poor and marginalised people to end poverty and injustice together. It has been working in India since 1972. It partners [...]

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Huvadhoo Aid (HAD)

Huvadhoo Aid is a non-governmental, youth organization located in Gaaf Dhaal Atoll. Huvadhoo Aid (HAD) exists to enable the rural people to work effectively in promoting and advancing the interests of the rural [...]

Live and Learn

Live and Learn started working in December 2005 following the devastating tsunami on the 26 December 2004 the Asian Development Bank appointed Live & Learn to provide Technical Assistance (TA) to the Government of [...]

Winrock International, Nepal

Winrock International is a nonprofit organisation that works in the United States and around the world to empower the disadvantaged, increase economic opportunity, and sustain natural resources. Winrock matches innovative approaches in natural [...]

Practical Action, South Asia

Practical Action’s South Asia office works to improve the livelihoods of the poor and disadvantaged by implementing sustainable development. It aims to achieve this by building technical skills and undertaking the research, application [...]

Child Health and Environment Save Society Nepal (CHESS Nepal)

Child Health and Environment Save Society Nepal (CHESS Nepal) is a legally registered, not-for-profit, non-religious, non-political, non government social organization established in 1997. Currently it is working in different districts of western Nepal.  [...]

Clean Energy Nepal (CEN)

Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) is an independent, non profit service oriented, policy, research and implementation organisation focusing on research based education and advocacy campaigns with policy inputs and implementation on issues related to [...]

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Eco-Conservation Initiatives

Eco-Conservation Initiatives (ECI) is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) with headquarters in Islamabad and working at national level. This is primarily concerned with communities and grassroots groups including men, women and youth in both [...]

Watan Development Organisation (WDO)

Watan Development Organisation (WDO) is working for the socio-economic empowerment of vulnerable communities in Southern Punjab. WDO came into being with determination, commitment, and dedication by the group of energetic social worker in [...]

LEAD – Pakistan

Leadership for Environment And Development (LEAD) Pakistan is a non-profit organisation working since 1995 to create and sustain a global network of leaders who are committed to promote change towards the patterns of [...]

Society for Conservation and Protection of Environment (SCOPE)

Society for Conservation and Protection of Environment (SCOPE) aims to protect environment at local, national and global level to implement Agenda21 through advocacy, research, non-political, non-religious and non-racial approaches. It contributes by assisting and [...]

Oxfam Pakistan

Oxfam has been working in Pakistan since 1973. It supports local partners and work with government authorities to improve the livelihoods of those living in poverty, and provide humanitarian assistance to those affected [...]

Sustainable Development Foundation

Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation. It is a pool of researchers, scientists, implementers and policy scholars who believes in sustainable action for all spheres of life. SDF aims to develop [...]

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Climate Study Action Group

Mr. Arulappu Iruthayanathan Phone: +94-71-5504838 / +94-65-2226291 Email: 26/1,A,Kali Kovil road, Periya Urany, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

Integrated Development Association

The Integrated Development Association (IDEA) is a registered non-profit NGO based close to Kandy. Founder members comprised of engineers, civil servants and development planners. IDEA was established with the aim of playing an [...]

Centre for Poverty Analysis

The Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA) is an independent, Sri Lankan think-tank promoting a better understanding of poverty-related development issues. CEPA believes that poverty is an injustice that should be overcome and that [...]

Energy Forum

The Energy Forum was established in 1999 with the participation of renewable and decentralized energy technology NGOs, private-sector firms, government agencies, and prominent energy community members in Sri Lanka to address their common [...]

Environmental Foundation Limited

Environmental Foundation Limited (EFL) is a non governmental organisation involved in Environment Protection and and Management in Sri Lanka through legal and scientific means. It influences policy making and foster good governance in [...]

Green Movement of Sri Lanka

The Green Movement of Sri Lanka (GMSL) is an organisation concerned with Environmental Conservation, Awareness Creation and Sustainable Development. It is a consortium of 153 non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations and other groups as members [...]

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