Paying for Loss and Damage and Climate Justice

Climate Action Network Pacific Islands, Climate Action Network South Asia and Climate Justice Programme will explore loss and damage impacts in the Pacific and South Asia and discuss social, cultural and economic loss and damage alongside the politics of loss and damage by launching our new proposal for a Climate Damages Tax at the [...]

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17 Days, 10,000 letters to World Bank President & Board – The BIG SHIFT

17 Days Its 17 days till the Annual Meetings with Finance Ministers & Central Bank Governors start at World Bank/IMF from 13-15 Oct in Washington DC to discuss pressing issues of development and economic growth. This is when the Big Shift campaign wants the World Bank to demonstrate it is serious about tackling climate change, that it will change its policies on [...]

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Experience Sharing Workshop on Eco Village Development

Eco Village Development (EVD) is a CISU funded evidence based advocacy project in South Asia implemented simultaneously by partners in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. To further national advocacy for EVD approaches and technologies, Climate Action Network South Asia co-organised an experience sharing workshop with COAST Bangladesh in Dhaka. Civil society organisations were invited [...]

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Scaling up of Local Solutions and Strategies Delivering Adaptation to Climate Change

Based on geographic location, socio-economic composition and resource endowments, climate change has profound impact on rural areas of developing countries in South Asia. In order to pursue stated temperature goal, cope with climate change as well as stay true to the development imperatives, countries in South Asia must choose low carbon pathways. At the same [...]

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Eco Village Development Side Event in COP22

CANSA along with INFORSE South Asia represented by INSEDA, WAFD, Grammen Shakti and IDEA is organising a side event on November 11, 2016 in Marrakech. The title of the event is "Improving NDCs: Ecovillage development, energy access, & zero carbon societies in Africa, Asia & EU". Live streaming of the event is available from this [...]

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National Stakeholders Dialogue: Eco-Village Development in India

National Dialogue on "Evidence-based Advocacy for Low-carbon, Pro-poor, Sustainable “Eco Village Development” (EVD) in India on 28th June, 2016, at Dehradun". The dialogue will bring together implementers with policy-makers, and other catalyst stakeholders to reflect on the way forward for EVD. The recent global agreements such as of Paris Agreement, Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk [...]

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Pro-poor Low Carbon Development Strategies in South Asia – Regional Knowledge Sharing Workshop in Colombo on 31st March

CAN South Asia organises a South Asia Regional Workshop on “Knowledge Sharing and Way Forward towards Pro-Poor Low Carbon Development” on March 31st, 2016 at The Ramada Hotel, No. 30, Sir Mohamed Macan, Colombo 00300, Sri Lanka. The event will bring together policy makers and practitioners from South Asia to share their knowledge on low-carbon [...]

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Consultation on Building Climate Resilience and Mainstreaming DRR in the State of Odisha

“Building Climate Resilience and Mainstreaming DRR in the State of Odisha: Consultation to Facilitate Design of SAPCC Implementation Roadmap” on 23rd and 24th April 2016 at Utkal University, Bhubaneswar. A consultative meeting on framing next steps towards building climate resilient future in state of Odisha is organised in Hotel Suryansh, Bhubaneswar . The discussion will [...]

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Writing Climate Change

On April 04, 2016 SLYCAN Trust in collaboration with Climate Action Network South Asia and Sri Lanka Press Institute conducted a workshop on "Reporting on Adaptation to Climate Change" that brought together journalists, climate change activists and environmental communicators to discuss best practices and options available for reporting on climate change. Keynote speaker for the [...]

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