Enhancing Capacity of Stakeholders towards Participatory Governance

/Enhancing Capacity of Stakeholders towards Participatory Governance
Enhancing Capacity of Stakeholders towards Participatory Governance 2020-02-07T01:01:43+05:30

Project Brief

The Project on ‘Advocate-Implementation of Paris Agreement at Sub-National level by Enhancing Capacity of Stakeholders towards Participatory Governance’ works towards understanding the recent changes in international climate agreements brought questions on the existing institutional capacity at state/province level policies for climate action plans. Thus urgent need for new frameworks, mechanisms and tools by relevant departments and institutions to integrate climate needs and growing vulnerabilities that need to be addressed by climate resilient development plans. Unless additional efforts are made, inter-departmental coordination has become a major impediment in enabling climate change adaptation which requires multi-sector planning and action to ensure the local priorities in most efficient manner. Thus the project is to enhance the capacity of CSOs as well as relevant government officials towards the development of relevant climate resilient policies for sub-national level.


  • To collectively assess the status of state policies and budgets on building climate resilience and their implementation that would provide indications towards adequacy of policies and budgets for climate risk management.
  • To develop capacity of relevant government officials and CSOs at sub-national level on designing climate change adaptation and resilience building plans, budgets and interventions so that capacity development indictors and development of climate sensitive frames for action are included.
  • To collaborate with government departments and CSOs in three countries on developing funding proposals on climate resilience to access climate finance from national and international sources.


October 2017 to September 2020

Project Partners

CANSA, Commonwealth Foundation, Janathakshan in Sri Lanka, PGVS in India

Countries the project is involved in

Sri Lanka, India

Project Focal Points

Rushati Das – Programme Officer

Senashia Ekanayake – Communications Officer