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The Liaison Office

The Liaison Office (TLO) is an Afghan non-governmental organization that emerged at the end of 2003 as a Swiss peace pilot project (supported by the Heinrich Böll Foundation) on good governance after the [...]

Public Awareness Time Hour Organization

PATH-O (Public Awareness Time Hour Organization) is a youth-led, development non-governmental organization (NGO), based in Kabul, but working mainly in more remote areas of northern Afghanistan. Contact: Frozan Irfan Mashal Managing Director [...]

Afghanistan Environmental Experts Society

Afghanistan Environment Experts Association is a Civil Society Organization currently is active in Kabul Afghanistan. We committed to contribute toward a healthy, sustainable and well protected environment supporting a sustainable development nationally and [...]

Future Generations Afghanistan

The Future Generations is a global knowledge network of practitioners of social change and a center of research and practice within Future Generations University.  Members are organizations and individuals who link together to evolve global [...]

Tadbeer Consulting and Researcher Organisation

Tadbeer is a consulting firm involved in research, impacts evaluation, socioeconomic surveys and most importantly capacity building of government and organisations. The organisation's work in Afghanistan has revolved in the implementation of numerous [...]

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Aid Organisation

Aid Organisation is a non-Governmental, non-political, non-profitable benevolent, voluntary social and social economic development organisation. Aid Organisation, founded in 1997, was established by a group of dedicated professionals in order to bring positive [...]

Network on Climate Change in Bangladesh (NCC,B)

Network on Climate Change, Bangladesh (NCC,B) is a non-profit voluntary non-government organisation established by two non-government organisations based in Khulna, Bangladesh in the year 2005 with the support of ‘Bread for the World [...]

Manusher Jonno Foundation

Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) started its journey in 2002 as a project of CARE and became an independent organisation with NGOAB registration in 2006. It provides funding and capacity building support to organisations [...]

Arjon Foundation

Arjon Foundation is a non-political and non-profit making non-government organization (NGO) committed to participate and promote national development through upgrading the socio-economic conditions of the disadvantaged and underprivileged people of the society. Arjon [...]

NGO Forum for Public Health

Being launched as the UN-brainchild in 1982, NGO Forum for Public Health has been involved as the apex networking and service delivery body of NGOs, CBOs and private sector operators in the WatSan [...]

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Terre des homes Foundation

Terre des hommes (Tdh) is the leading Swiss organisation for child relief. Founded in 1960, Tdh helps to build a better future for disadvantaged children and their communities with an innovative approach and [...]

Carbon Initiative Forum

Carbon Initiative Forum (CIF) is a non-profit organisation working towards environmental awareness while encouraging individuals/organisations to take charge of their impact on the world around them. We collate information on the various aspects [...]

Swayam Shikshan Prayog

SSP is recognized as global pioneer in building women’s leadership in building resilience in disaster and climate threatened communities. The Community Resilience Fund in partnership with the Huairou Commission and Groots International later [...]


“SURAKSHA” a voluntary-non-government, non-political, not for profit, irreligious organization evolved in the year 1996, by a group of like-minded people with an intuitive vision to serve the poor and backward communities for a [...]

The Climate Project Foundation (Climate Reality)

Nobel Laureate and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore founded The Climate Reality Project with a mission to increase public awareness of the climate crisis at a grassroots level in the US and [...]

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Clean Energy Nepal (CEN)

Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) is an independent, non profit service oriented, policy, research and implementation organisation focusing on research based education and advocacy campaigns with policy inputs and implementation on issues related to [...]

Pragya Seeds Nepal

Pragya Seeds Nepal is a Nepali NGO created by young Nepali entrepreneur that is concerned with spreading Zero Waste over Nepal, supporting the local economy and the environment through a community-approach of the [...]

Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA)

Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) is a youth lead coalition of the Nepalese youth and youth groups tackling climate change, the biggest challenge of our generation. NYCA was established in August 10, [...]

World Wide Fund For Nature – Nepal

WWF began its support to the Government of Nepal in 1967 with the protection of species and their habitat. In the 1980s, integrated conservation development projects paved the way for people-centered conservation. Since [...]

Oxfam Nepal

Oxfam has worked in Nepal since the early 1980s, supporting socially and economically excluded poor people – particularly women. Its work in Nepal takes a three-prong approach by focusing on development, emergencies and [...]

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Eco-Conservation Initiatives

Eco-Conservation Initiatives (ECI) is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) with headquarters in Islamabad and working at national level. This is primarily concerned with communities and grassroots groups including men, women and youth in both [...]

Watan Development Organisation (WDO)

Watan Development Organisation (WDO) is working for the socio-economic empowerment of vulnerable communities in Southern Punjab. WDO came into being with determination, commitment, and dedication by the group of energetic social worker in [...]

LEAD – Pakistan

Leadership for Environment And Development (LEAD) Pakistan is a non-profit organisation working since 1995 to create and sustain a global network of leaders who are committed to promote change towards the patterns of [...]

Society for Conservation and Protection of Environment (SCOPE)

Society for Conservation and Protection of Environment (SCOPE) aims to protect environment at local, national and global level to implement Agenda21 through advocacy, research, non-political, non-religious and non-racial approaches. It contributes by assisting and [...]

Oxfam Pakistan

Oxfam has been working in Pakistan since 1973. It supports local partners and work with government authorities to improve the livelihoods of those living in poverty, and provide humanitarian assistance to those affected [...]

Sustainable Development Foundation

Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation. It is a pool of researchers, scientists, implementers and policy scholars who believes in sustainable action for all spheres of life. SDF aims to develop [...]

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Green Movement of Sri Lanka

The Green Movement of Sri Lanka (GMSL) is an organisation concerned with Environmental Conservation, Awareness Creation and Sustainable Development. It is a consortium of 153 non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations and other groups as members [...]


Janathakshan, founded in 2011 is the legacy organisation of Practical Action Sri Lanka. Geared towards “Green and Sustainable Development”, Janathakshan has four main thematic areas viz: Sustainable Energy; Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate [...]

Munasinghe Institute for Development (MIND)

Munasinghe Institute for Development (MIND) aims to make development more sustainable by funding scholarships, fellowships, research programs, intellectual activities, and projects in relevant fields, including engineering, life, physical, and social sciences. It increase [...]

Sri Lanka Red Cross Society

The Sri Lanka Red Cross Society has operated since 1936 with a vision to safer, resilient and socially inclusive communities through improving lifestyles and changing mind-sets. It strives to reduce risk, build capacity [...]


Sri Lankan Youth Climate Action Network also known as SLYCAN among the youth active in the environmental field is a  youth lead and youth based network that facilitates the youth across Sri Lanka [...]

Centre for Applied Biodiversity Research and Education

Centre for Applied Biodiversity Research and Education (CABRE) has been associated with forest conservation and research. The areas of involvement are Wetland and Wildlife Conservation. Sarath Sekanayake Phone: +94-750118842 (President) +94-777184744 (secretary) [...]

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